CARL WELKISCH (1888 - 1984) The Man, spiritual healer, christian mystic, advisor, friend - foto album

Carl Welkisch

healer and mystic - 1888-1984

The Man Carl Welkisch

When a person hears of a Christian mystic, she or he might imagine a pious person who, due to his or her connection to the heavens, has long abandoned the firm ground of reality and speaks chiefly of extra terrestrial matters. This was not the case with Carl Welkisch: in spite of his special abilities he had both feet on the ground, very much in this world. Carl Welkisch was an entertaining companion, humorous. He could be happy with a friend, could reprove a person, had a good memory and was both punctual and dependable.

Welkischs sense for commercial affairs surprised his friends time and again and it was not rare for people to seek out his advice on business or financial matters. On such occasions he used his business acumen and did not appeal to his role as a mystic. On this point he was always explicit.

When he gave advice and helped with personal decisions, Carl Welkisch was always guided by the question, What expresses the best inner direction for a given individual? Where does a persons heart truly urge him or her to go? This question was not often asked since an honest answer is not always pleasant.

Welkisch enjoyed travel, loved music, appreciated deep knowledge and abilities. Up to his death he remained interested in politics, business and social events and could communicate as well with scholars as with children. What he said swept his hearers along although, at times, he had difficulty explaining certain connections to his listeners, due to the fact that what he experienced was so out of the ordinary.

There was nothing about Carl Welkischs appearance that would have allowed a person to deduce his special abilities and the unusual depths experienced by his whole being.